Tricks for parents to follow to know if their kids are using Snapchat

Tricks for parents to follow to know if their kids are using Snapchat


With the growing trend in communication, a lot of youngsters are going crazy over the chatting and dating apps on a large scale. Despite having a EULA feature, the apps are being downloaded by children at an inappropriate age. These things can only be controlled by parents. The cannot check if the user downloading the app belongs to the appropriate age or not.

How does one download the app?

Once the birth details are entered, the app gets downloaded. The probability of the under-aged kids downloading apps like Facebook, Instagram, and Snapchat is increasing because of the fake details that they provide. Hence, here are some things that we have written which could be used by parents to curb these things right at the initial phase.

1. Check with their children directly.

Using all these chatting apps can disconnect the kids easily from the family. Hence, as parents, it becomes your responsibility to check if your kid is exposed too much into technology. It is always recommended to sit down and speak to your children if you are suspecting them regarding these things. Also, if they do not reveal the information to you, checking phones is the next option.

2. Get to know the details of the other apps.

Also, as parents, you must understand that the kids are growing too. Hence, instead of making a hue and cry of the entire episode, it would be better if you speak to them openly if they are using the app in an appropriate manner. If their justifications are valid, you must let them be else; there are a lot of chances of turning the kids into becoming a rebel.

Also, this is an era where all the children would know the usage of apps because most of them have access to their parent’s phones; hence, as a parent, it becomes your responsibility to know the apps that are installed on their phones.

3. Get access to your children’s’ phones.

Be polite and ask your child to show their phones to you. Some kids are super-smart, and they would certainly uninstall the apps from their phones, if any, while is handing them over to you. Hence, you could simply choose to conduct a raid once in a blue moon and surprise your kids. They may not like it, but it is a better option to do if your kids are quite stubborn.

Once this is done, you can always make them feel as to why you did it. But, the educating process has to be in a very polite manner. Else, the kinds are likely to fall out of your control and might develop an attitude that could defame them in the later stages of their lives.

Well, these are some of the tricks that might help you in finding out the things that your kids do use mobile phones. There isn’t a taboo to use the apps; however, once they are clear about the purpose; then, it becomes easier for both you and your child to handle the situations accordingly.

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