Explore 6 Types of Wines You Can Order Online

Explore 6 Types of Wines You Can Order Online


If you are getting ready and have a romantic date but confused about what type of wine you need, and which would be the best buy, then you are in the right place—knowing the type of the wine of the first step. Many people think that there are only two types of wine the red and white, and it has the same character and feature. But that is not true. All the wines have different taste, features, and characters. Identify which type of wine do you want grape varieties, wine region, and including tannin level. The aroma and the bouquet, sweet, and alcohol level also affects the flour of the wines. So, are you ready and want to go and buy a wine then take a step to Zema Estate for some Coonawarra wineries? You would get every type of wine you want.

Let’s understand the classification of wines. As they are classified into five main categories that are red wine, white wine, rose wine, Dessert wine, and the last one, Sparkling wine.

  • White Wine: Wherever people see white wine, they think it is only made up of white grapes. But you are wrong. It is made of red and black grapes. The exact way of making white wine is to extract the red pigmentation away and utilize the grape juice only. The flavor of the white wine is bright, savory, and creamy based on the inputs.
  • Red wine: Production of red wine is like preparing a white wine. It has an additional of grape skin, grape seed, and pip incorporated into the fermentation process. The red wines will be fermented into the higher temperature so that the color can be extracted. The tannin, aroma, and flavors with different levels of concentration vary by the duration of fermentation.
  • Rose Wine: Rose wine is the pink color wine. But don’t worry, it is not made with pink color grapes. It is made up of red grape and black grape with a short fermentation of time, about 12-36 hours only. However, there is one more method of creating a rose wine. You can simply mix red wine and white wine. It would turn up into the pink wine. Rose wine is flavors that are normally dry to sweet and come with a pale to dark pink color and a lower level of tannin.
  • Dessert or Sweet wine: There is no specific definition of dessert and sweet wine. Because it has a character of sweetness and is basically served with dessert after a meal, but in some countries like the UK, dessert wine is drunk before a meal and red wine after the meal.
  • Sparkling Wine: Sparkline wine is normally used during celebrations. The bubbles formed in it are from Carbon Dioxide, which occurs naturally and specifically during the fermentation process.

Estate hopes that you find the perfect wine you need to be romantic and have a splendid night with your partner. They serve good Coonawarra Wineries.

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