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The Best Limo services for the Newlyweds


Dear newlyweds, if you are not inclined to have to respect the rules of marriage bon ton to the letter but wish at all costs to arrive at the church or the ceremony aboard a luxurious limousine, we confirm that it is an absolutely possible choice. It will be good, however, to first know the history and other small curiosities a little better.

Here, below, is some information on the car considered among the most glamorous and not only for renting at a wedding but also for hen and stag parties, birthdays, weddings and many other types of events.

No doubt about it, the Limousine really makes you feel like protagonists and VIPs for a day. Why not take advantage of it, then, to make your wedding a truly unique and memorable party?

The name

The term Limousine derives from the name of a region, the Limousines, in which, in ancient times, the shepherds of the area wore very long cloaks which are thus compared to the length of the car in question.

However, the limo service Kitchener as we understand it is called “Stretch-Limousine”, while with “Limousine” we mean the classic sedan.

Bases for Limousines

The Limousine is, in general, a very luxurious vehicle, with a classic particularly long shape, capable of carrying several people.

The bodywork recalls the lines of classic sedans such as Lincolns, Jaguars , Mercedes , Cadillacs .

One of the bases of departure for the realization of some of limousine models, it is signed by the Jaguars.


The most noticeable feature of the Limousines is the long wheelbase and the luxuriousness of the equipment.

Usually, the color of the bodywork and the body itself are not particularly showy, on the contrary, they perfectly perform formal events. It is the interiors that we leave most speechless due to their peculiarities of ease, luxury, design, technology and comfort.

The seats are many, even 8/9. The arrangement of the seats, strictly in leather or alcantara, are variable or arranged in rows (usually 3), or, in a single continuous sofa that runs along the entire perimeter of the car, making the passengers face each other.A particular model of Limousine is the Maybach 62 which has only 4 seats. The details and finishes of this car convey all the luxury and elegance of the classic Limousine. Wherever you look, we find briar, wood, leather, alcantara or precious plating.

There is no lack of technology: lights, stereo system, telephone, DVD and computer players, mini-bar, Champagne and glass holders, drawers and various compartments.

For the customized models, however, no expense is spared and can enjoy any integrated set-up and accessory. There is no shortage of truly extravagant and at the limit of the possible examples.

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