Greece Golden Visa

Benefits of Having a Greece Golden Visa


Greece’s golden visa offers a type of residency by investment program through which non-EU citizens can get a chance to get residency in Greece. Getting the Greek residency needs a specific amount of investment in real estate or other relevant sectors. Greece Golden visa program was initiated in 2013 which gives a 5-year permit of residency at the cost of about €250,000 of investment in real estate businesses of Greece. Citizenship by investment program is applicable for families and gives individuals a chance to live in Greece and have an opportunity to travel to other areas of Schengen countries. Applicants must choose the right property type for getting the golden visa and this can be better understood by having proper consultancy of experts who are well aware that the real estate expert is in the market of Greece immigrants must understand the proper application process of the visa program. Understanding eligibility criteria and fulfilling the investment requirements is very important for making the right decision to move to their dream country.

Golden visa in Greece has several benefits for its applicants, and some of the benefits are listed below

Greece citizenship by Golden visa

Applicants will be able to live with their families in Greece without any limitation on the specific time period to stay. They do not have any minimum staying period requirement and will also be able to get the benefits of education and health care as the residents of Greece.

Visa-free traveling experience

Applicants will be able to have full freedom of traveling across the various countries of the Schengen zone by having a Greece investment citizenship. The Schengen zone has 26 European countries, and applicants with a golden visa will be eligible to travel to that country of Schengen zone without facing any restrictions or inconvenience.

Family reunification

Applicants with a Golden visa will be able to reunite with their families. They can also bring their spouses, children, and family members to their places, which means that a Golden Visa card will benefit all family members who can also enjoy the many benefits of social services along with the chance of staying in Greece. The Golden visa program gives the opportunity to extend the visa process which is beneficial for families to extend their stay period in Greece. In this way, parents, family members, or parents-in-law of the applicant will be able to get a visa card without facing any complex visa process or filing any further requirements.

Low investment options in the real estate market

Usually, the investment procedure for the real estate market is quite expensive and difficult for applicants, but in the case of the Golden visa program, the government of Greece has the lowest investment threshold feature for applicants and helps them to invest a low amount in the real estate sector of Greek which will help them to qualify for the program. The real estate market is also stable and has profitable trends which can help applicants to continue their business in the real estate market of Greece.

Immigrants can benefit from a Golden visa by having proper consultancy and guidance for applying the process, choosing the right investment program, and submitting the correct information in their visa application. Immigrants can benefit from a Greece Golden visa by fulfilling all the requirements.

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