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Must-See Places in The World


Travelling makes you smarter and healthier. This might be a saying, yet for those who really enjoy it from the deepest core of their heart, knows what travelling actually does to your body, mind, and soul. It is a great way to lose yourself in the beauty of Mother Nature; understand the different cultures, customs, and traditions of a region; and delight your soul with the enriching diversity of the rich landscapes. If you ain’t yet, travel to at least these places before you settle down on a wheelchair –

The Great Barrier Reef – 

The Great Barrier Reef is a gigantic underwater world for the coral reefs. Spanning across 1400 miles, you can even gaze at it from the space. The beauty of this place can be explored by participating in the underwater diving adventure here. Its magnificence, its beauty, and the craze for it list it amongst the other natural wonders that this blue planet is blessed with.

Location – Australia

Other places to visit in Australia – Sydney Opera House; Sydney Harbour Bridge; Blue Mountains National Park; Bondi Beach; Daintree National Park, Hunter Valley

The Antelope Canyon – 

This gorgeous canyon is actually an illustration formed by several different crevices. Looking at its image, you will feel that it’s creative magic of photography. But its not! The crevices which you see today were once formed naturally as the water carved them out while flowing through it. As soon as the light hits across any side of the wall, it dazzles in different shades than other parts. You can also see what peoplethinks about this destination at thrillophilia google reviews.

Location – U.S.A.

Other places to visit in the U.S.A. – Yosemite; Maui; San Francisco; New York City; Yellowstone; Glacier National Park; Washington DC.

Reed Flute Caves – 

The Reed Flute Caves is an architectural brilliance of Mother Nature. Today, the presence of many multicolored lights has transformed the entire interior of the caves into a remarkable natural experience. The cave system is a long one stretching up to 240-metres in the area and has remained one of the most attractive tourist spots of China for the past 1200 years. What you see there today is a blend of stalagmite, stalactite, and pillar formations.

Location – China

Other places to visit in China – Xi’an; Shanghai; Guilin; Chengdu; Great Wall of China; Summer Palace; Forbidden City.

S.E.A. Aquarium – 

This aquarium is counted amongst one of the giants of human creativity till date. Here, you have more than 1000 marine species, including bottlenose dolphins, hammerhead sharks, and rays. In all, there are around 49 marine exhibits for you to enjoy here .

Location – Singapore

Other places to visit in Singapore  – Marina Bay; Singapore Zoo River & Night Safari; Gardens by the Bay; Sentosa; Jurong Bird Park; Merlion Park; and Botanical Gardens.

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