Cheap flights to India from Canada and around the world

Cheap flights to India from Canada and around the world


Planning your vacation in India or any other part of the world? There are many things you need to keep in mind before booking and scheduling an itinerary. You could save more money as you travel and spend more on experiences. It is now possible to book flights to India! Be it exploring this country as a foreigner or a native, there are so many flavors of this colorful place that one trip will never be enough to cover it. Travel alone can eat away half of your budget. Wouldn’t it be amazing if you could really spend less and experience more?

Nanak Flights offers you what they promise. You can find the cheapest flight deals faster! How is it going to help you anyway and what more they can offer? Read on to know more. But if you are already excited by the idea, then you can visit their website now at Nanak Flights. Wherever you dart your next vacation on the globe, they have their arrangements at a cheaper price! From travel guides to even hotels, you can contact them to have a wholesome trip to anywhere in the world from Canada.

Here are the things that Nanak Flights can help you with:

  1. Finding flights

Are you looking for a return, one way or multicity ticket? How many people are accompanying you in your journey? Arrival and departure time and date? And many more specific and short queries will be asked to you to get you the best and cheapest flights! It is really an easy process and it wouldn’t take you more than a minute to fill out all the necessary blanks and information.

  1. Finding Hotels

Maybe wherever you are intending to stay is somewhere unfamiliar. Worried about accommodations? Leave it at your door and you can safely book your hotels with Nanak flights! They even take care of your safe accommodations. Amazing, isn’t it?

  1. Travel guides

If you want to explore the gems of the city or the area that you are visiting, you would benefit from hiring a travel guide in that area. Nanak Travels will arrange travel guides for you and you can explore every best part of the area without spending much on wandering cloudlessly.

  1. Rating and service

They have been rated 4.5/5 by more than a thousand customers. That should show their dedication towards their business of providing you a hassle-free and enjoyable journey and stay. They also have multi-lingual staff that can help you book your flight. So no language barrier can stop you now! Also, they have 24/7 call care support to help you understand and resolve any queries.

  1. Security

They are accredited with IATA & TICO and their payment getaway is secured with SSL encryption.  They also have a team who will inform you if there is any delay or changes in flight. That makes them pretty responsible and efficient team in the market.

They also deliver your e-ticket faster along with giving you a price match guarantee. If you have any offer or deal on flights that are cheaper than what they are offering, then you can send them its screenshot and send it to them. They would offer at least $5 less on the same flight as their competitor. Are you ready to jet, set and go?

Then visit Nanak Flights’ website at to book cheap tickets to India.

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