Dubai You Must Visit On Your Car

5 Places in Dubai You Must Visit On Your Car


The city site of Dubai is just like a magnetic field for luxury enthusiasts. It provides a cinematic view of stunning and iconic buildings to mesmerize the visitors. From massive shopping malls to thematic parks or museums, and floral gardens to traditional but high-class hotels all provide a different perspective of evolutionary technology. Therefore, the people of Dubai are known for their luxurious lifestyle around the world, especially for riding expensive cars. The roads of Dubai are specially built to ride a massive range of cars to handshake with the peak of thrill and adventure.

Riding a car to unfold the mystery of Dubai routes us the ultimate desire of almost all tourists or visitors. And the services car rental in Mall of Emirates, DIP, Dubai mall and other areas provide the best opportunity to fulfill this desire. Because it’s quite hard, in fact, impossible to own a car in Dubai for the economy class due to extremely high rates.

Some must-visit attractions or places of Dubai that you can explore by riding a car are:

Dubai Festive Mall

To explore all types of thrill and adventure in one place, Dubai festive mall is an excellent choice. Located 15 minutes drive from the main city, this gigantic mall exhibits a huge variety of entertainment activities and a delicious collection of Arabian cuisines. It presents different bars, cafes, and clubs for entertainment and adventure seekers.

More than 300 shops and 90 different types of hotels are quite enough to explore the traditional, historical, architectural, and luxurious lifestyle of Dubai. It’s one of the famous places for tourists to shop and enjoy traditional tastes of Arab cuisines in a comfortable and mesmerizing environment. Not only for shopping, people often visit this place just to spend a few hours in a luxurious environment and take pictures.

Soho Garden DXB

To experience the soul of traditional London Soho in Dubai, this unique corner is a perfect selection, and one can easily access this heaven with a car. A combination of dancing and nightclubs with the cool entertainment of enjoying in the swimming pool makes it different from all other tourist attractions of this marvelous land.

With a romantic environment and incredibly delicious cuisines, the restaurants serve a different experience to the visitors and treat them to the traditional cuisines of Dubai along with a huge collection of drinks.

Global Village

The global village is a famous place to witness the traditional and cultural values of all across the globe together. It’s a dreamland for history enthusiasts.  The reason is that it presents the culture of almost 90 countries by presenting a pavilion for each country. However, every country is responsible for decorating its area. And they beautifully did this job by mixing the traditional and cultural aspects with modern appearance. Restaurants present here to provide the visitors with freshly cooked traditional style food items to recall the ancient times.

Along with the traditional clothes, jewelry, and weapons this historical village also presents a collection of musical instruments. You can easily reach this spot by getting a car rental in Mall of Emirates.

JBR (Jumeirah Beach Residence)

This micro-district is located between Palm Jumeirah and Bluewaters Island is a famous place to visit in the car for enjoying the beach experience. It’s a residential area but also a tourist attraction because of its location, unlimited activities, rides, and water ferries to seek the thrill. Moreover, it allows free parking and entrance. A small but beautiful shopping street with various shops and restaurants is also present to make it a perfect place for all age groups to visit.

La Mer

This place is a beautiful blend of natural art, peace, beauty, and thrilling outdoor activities. It provides a peaceful beach corner to sunbathe, swim, and enjoy water rides. This wondrous complex provides the visitors with all types of facilities from parking to safety, and delicious restaurants to comfortable relaxing spots in the shades of palm.

To sum it up, Dubai is an unending world of beautiful and mesmerizing places that can easily be reached by using public transport or personal vehicles. However, there are various places where public transport has no route. Therefore, any of the reliable car rental apps will provide you the facility of renting a car at cheap rates. It offers a huge range of cars for all types of tourists from economy to business and VIPs. So, grab the opportunity, rent your dream car and enjoy exploring these mesmerizing sites to relax your soul and make lifetime memories.

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