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Richard Radcliff Trice – Discover 3 Amazing Signature Dishes of Alabama


Alabama in the USA is one of the most popular tourist spots for fine dining restaurants and food. If you are traveling to the USA, you should visit this amazing city with a host of iconic sight-seeing attractions. You will also find several traditional restaurants here serving a host of Southern cuisine flavors. You can treat yourself to dishes from France, Italy, The Mediterranean, Spain, and other places. There are places where you get popular local brews, and you should never miss the famous chocolate pudding when you are here.

Richard Radcliff Trice – Treat yourself to amazing dishes in Alabama

Richard Radcliff Trice is an esteemed author of children’s books, and he lives in Alabama. He loves his city and says that travelers to the USA should visit Alabama as there are many things to do and see. Food, of course, is one of them. If you love dining out, you should visit some of the iconic restaurants here and taste the signature dishes of Alabama before you head towards your next destination.

What is the official dish of Alabama that you should never miss?

When you come to Alabama, you should never miss ordering grits and shrimp at a restaurant here. This dish originated as a breakfast meal for the fishermen at Low Country. Today, it is the official dish of the state, and you will find it cooked in different ways. You can get spicy, cheesy, creamy, tangy, and pepper versions of the dish.

Besides the official dish of Alabama, the state is also known for barbecue and football. In fact, for some people, these are the first things that come to their mind. The state has borders with Mexico, and you will find a lot of Mexican cuisines popular here.

However, when you are visiting the state make sure you do not miss the following three signature dishes-

  1. Orange pineapple ice cream- You should visit Florence and drop in at Trowbridge’s. This is a place to visit for this stunning delicacy that has been winning the hearts of tourists for over a century. The demand for this pineapple treat is so high that Trowbridge’s staff work really hard to churn out enough treats to keep up with the regular demand.
  1. Fried Pork Skins- You might have eaten fried pork skins in other parts of the globe, however, if you have not tasted them in Alabama, you will be at a loss to know how delicious they taste. Here, in the South, they are fluffy, crispy, and light. Odette in Florence is a place where you can get these scrumptious delicacies on your trip.
  1. Orange Rolls- The orange rolls at All Steak has been popular for 80 years. Locals and tourists love these rolls for lunch or dinner. They are made with a secret recipe, and they have a tangy orange coating on top over the usual sugar coating.

Richard Radcliff Trice says that when you visit Alabama, you should never miss the above three signature dishes of the state. You will love them for their unique taste. Make sure to order every one of them so that you can pamper your taste buds and bring sweet memories back home!

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