Great Tips About Dubai To Kolkata You Should Know


Dubai is a city that is famous for being the most unique in culture and architecture front in the world. Dubai offers a stunning mix of shopping and lifestyle experiences with its array of shopping malls and the nightlife of the city. When traveling to Kolkata, carefully planning the trip can save you time and money. Find out more about the trip tips like dubai to kolkata flight duration and travel guide.


Kolkata is famous among tourists and business travelers for the unique culture, business opportunities, architecture, and cuisine of the city. Be it for work or leisure, Kolkata offers a unique mixture of architectural beauties throughout the city. Try walking down inside the British-colonial urban park right in the city to get lost in the stunning architecture. Plan your trip to make sure you stay in charge of the tickets and airport transfers for your visit.

Are Flights Between Dubai To Kolkata Available?

Yes, there are numerous direct and connecting flights available for Dubai to Kolkata route. There has been a shortage of flights after the pandemic, crashing travelers’ travel plans and access to flights. Currently, there are 15 flights in total that are flying from Dubai to Kolkata. Out of these 15 flight options, only two are direct flights from Dubai to Kolkata. Most of the reputed names in the aviation industry fly to Kolkata from Dubai. However, due to the cost-effectiveness, only a few are offering a direct flight to Kolkata. Choose from the best options by comparing the Dubai To Kolkata flight duration.

How Much Baggage Can I Carry On My Dubai To Kolkata Flight?

Every airline in service has a unique set of baggage rules for individual routes or locations. In most cases, chances are you will find these details on the information booklet while booking your flight ticket from Dubai to Kolkata. You can travel with excess baggage by paying for the same based on the weight of the extra baggage. Most of the airlines offer different perks based on the category of ticket booking such as Executive or business class travelers get to travel with extra baggage, without any additional costs.

What Is Dubai To Kolkata Flight Duration?

Dubai to Kolkata on a direct non-stop flight takes about four hours and 8-27 hours based on the stopover of the connecting flight for the location. The Dubai To Kolkata Flight Duration also depends on the connecting flight type, if the flight has a stopover halt, the duration increases for over a day. However, direct flights are a shorter journey as compared to the connecting ones. Choose the flight duration based on your budget and time limits.

Cost Of Dubai To Kolkata Flight?

The cost of the flight from Dubai to Kolkata would vary from airline to airline, along with various other factors. Direct flights are costlier than indirect flights in general. Return flights are an affordable alternative to booking only one side flight if planning a vacation or a short trip to Kolkata. Booking in advance can help you save somewhere around 20-60% on flight bookings. The total cost would vary more based on economy or business class Dubai to Kolkata flight booking.

Travel Advice In Pandemic

Traveling in current pandemic times has made traveling EireTrip Travel Blog a bit more complex and challenging. Therefore checking for the travel restrictions and travel policies is crucial for a safe and hassle-free trip to Kolkata. Most countries are now opening up for international travel with complete vaccination and a recent RT-PCR negative report. Check with the respective country’s travel guidelines to be sure of the requirements.

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