Get An Insight About New York Travel Beauties By John Clemenza

Get An Insight About New York Travel Beauties By John Clemenza


New York is a lovely city, and there are many places that one should see in this city says John Clemenza.

Top attractions in New York by John Clemenza:

Statue of liberty

The France gift to America is the best attraction that a person should see in New York. The statue has been built in the year 1886, and it is considered as the best symbolic of freedom. One of the world’s largest statues, it attracts many people from across the world.

One can take a close view by traveling to Liberty Island though it is possible to watch statue from land. One can take a view from Battery Park, and one should make an effort to go up to the crown.

Ellis Island is another option that one can take when going to the statue of Liberty and there is an immigration museum. The story and experiences of the immigrants will be understood well, and there are other places that one should visit after this.

Central Park

Central park is another attraction that includes Strawberry Fields, Central Park Zoo, lake and Belvedere Castle.

Rockefeller Center

There is a shopping complex, and that is in the middle of Manhattan. It is in the home of radio, media and NBC-TV and there is 70 stores Rockefeller plaza. There is an awesome view from the Rock Observation Dock that covers Manhattan.

Skating at the base of the tower is an important thing, and there will be a lighting complex during Christmas.

Metropolitan Museum of Art

The famous museums in the America were founded in the year 1870, and there have been more than two million art forms, and that has been spanning more than 5000 years, and the center piece is the Met Fifth Avenue. The museum contains decorative forms from the Egypt era.

Broadway Show

There are a lot of theater venues in this region, and one can purchase tickets in advance in this region. There is an alley called the Shubert Alley ideal for artists to looking for opportunities to perform.

Empire State Building

It is the landmark building, and it was a big building like the world trade center. One can see astounding views from the top of empire state building, and one can see the Massachusetts, Pennsylvania, and the place is reached by high-speed elevators.

The World Trade Centre

The terror attack had demolished the world’s best tower the world trade center, and the place still attracts many people who come there to give honor to the death. The memorial includes the name of the 3000 people who have been killed in the terror attack, and the place is surrounded by trees and grass and there are man-made waterfalls in the North America.

The memorial museum is an awesome curving glass building, and it is situated between two pools. The place has many videos and photos, and there is an extraordinary view.

There is another view that is from the Greenwich area, and this is opposite to Greenwich area. The Westfield world trade center has the oculus plaza, and the building has white fins and spaceship appearance. John Clemenza feels that one should not miss an opportunity to enjoy New York.

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