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Discover the Cultural Heritage of Jaipur: 4 Historical Sites Perfect for A Family Trip


Home to grand buildings, majestic forts and stunning palaces, Jaipur is truly an epitome of royalty. Exploring all these beautiful historical places gives a glimpse of the rich history and culture of Rajasthan that attracts thousands of tourists to this royal city. If you too want to discover the rich cultural heritage of Jaipur, plan a trip to the city and you will be impressed by the charm and warm hospitality of the locals. If you want to know about the must-visit places to explore in Jaipur, here are the top historical sites that you must add to your itinerary:

1- Hawa Mahal – Also called as the Palace of the Winds, this is one of the most loved tourist destinations in Jaipur. Constructed using pink and red sandstone, Hawa Mahal has hundreds of windows and ornate detailing which makes it a feast for the eyes of every tourist. When you are here, you can explore the elegant chambers and admire the intricate lattice work on the jharokhas or overhanging balconies. You are sure to get some amazing shots in your camera here. Also, don’t forget to savour the lip smacking street food delights from the nearby stalls.

2- City Palace– This is another popular historical site to visit in Jaipur when you are on a family trip to the city. As you step inside the palace, you will be transported to the bygone era of the royals. The rich heritage of the palace is quite evident in its architecture and artefacts that are worth marvelling. As you will explore the exhibits, you will get a glimpse of the way the Rajputs lived as you will find royal costumes, paintings and weapons that were used in that era. If you have an interest in knowing more about the history of this palace, it would be best to go for a guided tour through which you will get to know interesting anecdotes and stories associated with the palace.

3- Jantar Mantar: Another fascinating site that you must add to your itinerary is Jantar Mantar, an astronomical observatory which was built in the 18th century by Maharaja Jai Singh II. It has as many as 19 architectural astronomical instruments, which are used to measure time, predict eclipse and even map the position of stars. The must visit attraction here is the sundial which is the world’s largest sundial. Jantar Mantar is famous for its astronomical instruments that are built with utmost precision and has also earned the status of being a UNESCO World Heritage since 2010. Come here with your family and you are sure to be fascinated with all that is in store for you.

4-Amer Fort– The sheer grandeur and magnificence of Amer Fort makes it a must-visit site in the city. This striking fort has a blend of Rajput and Mughal architecture that is sure to impress any visitor. Since it is surrounded by Maota Lake and hills, it offers spell bounding views that add to the beauty and charm of this fort. Once you are inside the fort, spend some time at the striking Sheesh Mahal, a hall of mirrors that beautifully reflects light. If you are here in the evening, don’t miss the light and sound show and learn about the enthralling stories about the fort.

So whether you are a history buff or just looking for a new cultural experience with family, the Pink City is a must-visit destination. The historical sites give a glimpse of the rich legacy of India and are perfect for a family vacation. For your stay, choose any of the 5 star hotels in Jaipur like The LaLiT Jaipur and you are sure to enjoy a royal stay like the kings and the queens of the royal era. Don’t forget to savour authentic Rajasthani cuisine and shop for traditional souvenirs to make the most of your trip here. Happy journey!

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