Toyko, Japan Vacation

Toyko, Japan Vacation and Travel Guide


Toyko is a historical section of Japan, having several temples, shrines, and museums to visit. Beer exhibitions and high-tech electrical showrooms coexist, illustrating Japan’s cultural variety. Click here for more details. These alone will keep you occupied, but there is plenty more to see and do in Japan. From the ancient to the modern, there is something for everyone. Treat yourself to a tea ceremony with ladies dressed in traditional Kimonos, or go 4 hours from Tokyo to view the spectacular Himeji Castle (the Japanese architecture is terrific with its moats and surrounding colorful gardens), or return to Tokyo to see the Imperial Palace.

Since the palace is continuously occupied and significant activities are still held there, tours are limited to select sections. As a result, security might be severe. Tokyo Tower, taller than the Eiffel in France and offers panoramic views of the lovely environment, is one of the best places to see.. It is a famous destination for visitors from all over the globe, and many residents still visit to pray, so expect the area to be congested, but it is well worth the wait. Several park areas around the city provide a welcome respite from the city’s hectic streets, along with beautiful monuments and well-kept gardens.


There are various activities to do all across the city, from classic hobbies to modern and edgy. If you’re looking for a fun night out, there are plenty of fantastic casinos and opulent nightclubs to choose from. If you want to know more about the country’s history, several venues play traditional Japanese theater. Some establishments also have themed evenings where you may dress up in a kimono and traditionally sip tea, or perhaps you’d want something a bit more exciting? If this is the case, sumo wrestling or Kung Fu combat is the entertainment for you; classic but energetic, you will love the expertise of witnessing it.


Tokyo offers a wide range of dining alternatives, from opulent luxury restaurants offering traditional cuisine to many American-style fast food shops. The typical foreign eateries are sprinkled throughout, providing the Mediterranean and other European-style cuisines. In Japan, raw seafood is prevalent, and many Sushi bars are self-serve, but you can also get this traditional Japanese cuisine inexpensive fine dining restaurants. Dining out may be costly, so if you’re on a tight budget, browse around.


Shibuya is Tokyo’s main retail district. With so many stylish and attractive boutiques offering designer clothes geared at young people, the streets may get rather busy. Several stores provide used things. The retail districts are pretty famous, particularly if you seek low-cost electrical items. If you only need a few souvenirs, most places will have a market stand or shop where you may buy them. Browse here for more information.

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