Seven awesome things to do in Brasov

Seven awesome things to do in Brasov


Among the most known destinations in the eastern European nation is Brasov, Romania. If you have not been to Romania, then this place is worth paying a visit. From the spectacular castles to the beautiful nature, exciting culture and history and abundant wildlife, the country has all this in store.

Are you looking for a place to visit during the holiday? Consider Brasov your number one priority, and you will have an experience like never before. You will enjoy multiple things on your visit.

1 Dig into traditional Romanian food.

When travelling around Brasov, you will not go hungry. The town has restaurants and cafes all offering delicious meals. From traditional foods to the modern ones all are here. And if you are a meat lover, you will love the Romanian food.

2  Get lost in a European fairy-tale.

Visit the city of Brasov and get lost in the centuries-old town that has a fairy-tale experience. Consider paying a visit, especially in the winter when the snowfalls turn the medieval city into a magical snow globe. As you walk around, you enjoy the cool breeze of trees, the new architecture and the hiking trails.

3  Go people-watching in the Piata Sfatului.

One of the most amazing and eye-catching beautiful spots is the Piata Sfatului. The area is home to the old Hall city and contains a museum. If you need knowing more of the local story, consider stopping by.

 Walk in the lovely shopping centres. Take your cup of coffee from the outside square and enjoy the breeze. When you need getting the real life of the Romanian city, the central square is the place where the action takes. Enjoy children play, plenty of pigeons, Balloon vendors while you get lost in the time.

4  Check out the incredible bear sanctuary nearby.

 Eastern Europe is known for its enormous wolf and bear population. And if you love seeing the bears and wolfs, the Zarnesti sanctuary is open to all. You can also visit to support the excellent work of the temple. When you choose to visit, the most appropriate time is in the mornings when the bear is feeding.

5  See the city of Brasov from up high

 Brasov, Romania is gorgeous in itself but taking a view from the above is more breath-taking and exciting. And when you need having this iconic view, climb to the white tower and get the rewards of viewing the overlooking city

6  Take a free walking tour with a local guide

There is nothing breath-taking strolling around a city with a local inhabitant. And this opportunity is open, and thus you can spend about 2 to 3 hours making discoveries of all things in Romania. You get to familiarize yourself with the top spots and even know the city more. Come and enjoy this free tree daily at 3 pm.

7  Visit Dracula’s castle

 Dracula’s castle is worth visiting when you pay a visit to Brasov. The villa is the town of Bran towers over the city on a rocky cliff. The castle is fascinating in the inside with exciting decors and plenty of historical information’s. When you need knowledge about the history of the city, consider visiting the place and take yourself back in time.


Tours in Brasov is genuinely a pleasure. When you visit this place, you can be sure of an experience that you are going to remember all the years to come.

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