Insulated Lunch Bags - Know How Do They Work Before Making A Purchase

Insulated Lunch Bags – Know How Do They Work Before Making A Purchase


When it comes to food, everyone likes to eat fresh and hot food items but it is not possible all the time. Now, it’s time to say good bye to old fashioned plastic bags because insulated lunch bags are the best choice to prevent your food from stale and keep it cold or warm for many hours.

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The following is some information about insulated lunch bags that help you to understand how it works.

How insulated lunch bags will work?

Generally, insulated lunch bags will have multilayer insulation. They include:

Middle layer          

The middle layer of insulated lunch bags is an important layer. It contains dense foam that helps to keep your drinks or food cold or warm. Insulation depends on the dense and thickness of the foam. This foam layer will not only allow the heat to seep to outer layer, but also keeps surroundings cold or warm from reaching your bag’s content as well.

Outer layer

You can notice that insulated lunch bags exterior will not heat up even if you fill it with heated food items because they are made with vinyl, heavy or non-woven material.

Inner layer

It is made with heavy vinyl, foil, or plastic material that is heat reflective and waterproof. Reflective means in spite of absorbing the heat this layer allows it flee the bag. With this, the food in your bag remains its original flavor, temperature, and even moisture for longer time compared to regular bag.

You can store your food items in insulated lunch bag depending on factors like bag type, temperature outside, and whether there is a frozen or heated pack in it or not.

Generally, if your food in insulated bag is hot, then it remains warm for 2 to 3 hours. If the food is cold, it will stay cool for 4 to 5 hours. If you include a frozen or heated gel pack you can store food for additional 3 to 4 hours. These timings may vary depending on surrounding temperature and quality of bag, so test your bag before taking food in it for lunch.

You can find insulated bags with a number of features like extra storage options, multiple compartments, outside pockets, flexible pockets to keep bottles, and much more.

They will have a zipper or Velcro-closure to place your contents in it. Also, you can choose a right one depending on your preference such as simple design for kids, imprinted bag with extra pockets for adults.

There are many online vendors who sell different style insulated bags. Choose a reliable store and order your favorite style bag depending on your or your family members need to enjoy the real taste of food at any time and anywhere.

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