How to Kill Time During Long Haul Flights

How to Kill Time During Long Haul Flights


Have you ever wondered how long it takes to travel from one place of the Earth to another? And of course it takes a lot of time. Did you know? It takes 6 hours and 45 minutes to travel from London to Dubai. And UK and Japan are 11 hours and 40 minutes away. However some airlines may even take 32 hours depending upon the halts and duration of halts.  And if you are travelling from London to Australia, it will take 22 hours. That’s almost a whole rotation of the Earth. So imagine one fine day you have to travel to these places due to some reason. How are you going to spend this travel time? No smart heads don’t think of sleeping, because that won’t help. These travelling hours contain getting trapped in a small area in cramped conditions. Not to mention the children on board and that irritating guy few seats away from you  watching a comedy show and laughing loudly at each joke. To get exciting deals on your flight get latest Voucher code at! Okay, I’m not trying to scare you; rather I’ll just give you some tips on how to survive these hours of a long haul flight.

First and foremost, if this trip isn’t a business trip which is decided at the eleventh hour and is a holiday trip or if you are planning to go then I’ll suggest to plan it almost 2 to 3 months prior so that you can book your tickets early. Why you ask? It has its own benefits you know. One is that you can get to choose your favourite seat. Secondly, the earlier you book a ticket, lesser the price you need to pay. So, it’s better to book tickets at low cost and spends it afterwards right?

Now what if you plan it at the end moment like I said before? In that case, if you are still getting to choose your seat, better select the back ones. I know, it would be a bit noisy as the engine sing a melody to you, but while everyone is dying for the front seats; there’s a chance to be alone at the back. And about the noise, buy noise – cancelling headsets, I swear you will thank the inventor. If that costs you too much, at least buy high quality headsets. It won’t cancel out the noise completely, but lessen it to a great extent

While travelling alone, avoid normal routes /family routes. You don’t want too much chaos around you if you are travelling alone, now do you? And try to get a Premium Economy. Of course, anything that has ‘Premium’ in its pretext is a bit expensive but also has benefits. And here the benefits are more legroom, priority check – in. If you have a plus one travelling with you. You may also try for an upgrade, by saying you are on a honeymoon. You can’t be as unlucky as Chandler and Monica. But of course this won’t work if you are travelling alone.

A week or two before your flight, adjust your sleeping schedule, because if you are planning to sleep during your travelling hours to lessen your jet lag, then darling, a reality check, it won’t help much. So you better prepare for your jet lag before hand. Also, de-stress yourself before you arrive at the airport. Relax a bit. And most importantly, check – in early to lessen your stress, because c’mon not being on time always stresses you.

If you are going on a long trip, don’t carry too much luggage. Make the count of your suitcase less. Bring your own pillow for your own good, but don’t carry those thick blankets. It will only add on your weight. Airlines provide blankets for a reason. When you want an alone time, built a scarf tent to ignore your fellow passenger and for him/her to know you want to be alone. But also don’t be too rude with the people around you, because trust me you only have their company for those hours. Brig up your best conversation with your fellow passenger, that won’t make either of you bore. Also befriend the crew members, because the last thing you want at a height of 30,000 feet above sea level is to get dead glares from the only people who are well aware of the emergency situations and would help you.

Being on the flight these many hours, you need to feel comfortable, so better wear something comfortable while travelling. Trust me no one’s going to judge you for wearing those pyjamas you feel comfortable in. Also make sure you have a good collection of movies, shows or podcasts in your tablets because you can’t trust the airlines facilities, they can ditch you anytime. And don’t forget to charge those devices before boarding. Adjust your watch as per the locations. Even though the airlines provide food, it’s not enough, so carry extra snacks for your extra cravings. Stay healthy and hygienic. You can drink a drink or two but know your limits too.

Lastly, you can spend few hours getting creative. You can do what you do best, for this is one of thy rare times you get for yourself. All in all spend the time wisely, for you are the only person who can make it a good time for yourself. After all, time is quality. Happy Journey!

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