Fun things to do in Hong Kong

Fun things to do in Hong Kong


Hong Kong offers you with a plethora of activities that would lure you for the trip to this fun-filled land. Well, apart from culinary delights and roaming historical places, there are many more things to do, enough to tell Hong Kong a magical land.  You may choose Cathay Pacific, to fly to Hong Kong; try getting the best possible deal.  Recommended are a list of things you want to do while your trip to Hong Kong takes place.

  • Disneyland: Visit the Disneyland in Hong Kong, the greatest amusement park, which has rides and various other entertaining features for the visitors. Meet the various cartoon characters and make memories that would last for a life time. Perhaps the cutest memories are those moments spent in the Disneyland, Hong Kong.
  • Ride the longest escalator of the world: If you want to give your feet a bit of rest, while trekking through the hilly streets of Hong Kong, ride the longest outdoor escalator of the world. The central mid-level escalator and walkway system covers almost 2600 feet distance traversing almost 135 meters from top to bottom. Never miss a ride of the same, and take the pride of riding the best and longest escalators of the world.
  • Shop at temple street market at night: Shop for the whole evening while you step at the Temple street market. This shopping stall is famous for shoes, CDs, cheap clothing and shoes, DVD and many other household items. There are countless food stalls from where you may get your appetite filled. This is a bustling place and you’ll love the ambiance, the local flavour of Hong Kong.
  • Eat at Dessert first: Hong Kong is known for producing world-famous dessert. You will adore the cutting edge food concepts at The Dessert Kitchen. This trendy café is known for producing unique Asian style desserts. You will love their kitchen and concepts dedicated solely to desserts. Give ta try to the traditional recipes like the blueberry kiss or anything else, where it temps you to skip the main meal and replace that with dessert.
  • Enjoy and party at LanKwai Fong: Visit the LanKwai Fong, the nightlife districts of Hong Kong, which is known as the party zone where there are 90 restaurants and bars. Their variety of bars you may spot there are the dart bar, karaoke bar, clubs, and a selection of restaurants. Squeeze through the crowded streets of party-goers and the memories will be your lifetime asset.
  • Riding traditional Chinese junk boat: Try the Hong Kong junk boat ride that will take you through the second-best skyline view in the city. Imagine a junk boat ride through the Victoria Harbour and you may also enjoy the famous light show called the Symphony of Lights.
  • Visit the ten thousand Buddha’s monastery: Visit the ten thousand Buddha monastery located at the Po Fook Hill Mountains, where you will have the opportunity to ride a steep hill. You will drop into a place having the main temple, nine pagoda stories, along with shrines, pavilions, and halls. You will have to walk plenty of steps until you see the Buddha statues and be covered in sweat. All okay, but the best satisfaction lies in seeing the statues.
  • See the Hong Kong stars: Walk to see the Avenue of Stars, which is a tribute to Hong Kong’s film industry. This walk is compared to the Hollywood’s Walk of Fame, where you can glimpse all famous actors of Hong Kong including Bruce Lee and Jackie Chan.
  • Hike at the Dragon’s back: Hike the Dragon’s back which is trial and said to be Asia’s best urban hike. Before going for the hike, check the weather report, and then be indulged in embarking on the trekking journey. This action might increase your difficulty, otherwise, this hike triggers challenges.
  • Eat snake soup: visiting Hong Kong can make you do one of the weirdest things, i.e. savouring a snake soup. Surprised? Don’t be so! Walk till the Causeway Bay section in Hong Kong, where you will find the Se Yong Wee, the smallest eatery, where you will get options for two menus. One is the old snake soup, and also a snake meal. There will be an additional offering of duck liver sausage.
  • Breath-taking view at the Peak: Visit the Peak, a sky terrace, from where you can get a 360-degree view of the city skyline. The junk boat from the Victoria harbour appears quite spectacular, while you see from the top of the Peak. Get a tram ride and then climb several floors of escalators so that you may go to the top. You may avail a walk from the Peak to the Southside of Hong Kong.

Book your fun trip at the earliest and explore the best possible places in Hong Kong.

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